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Our Mission

To provide secular customizable learning opportunities that foster critical, creative, and collaborative thinking skills in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment that emphasizes a culture of growth and belonging.

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Our Program

-Class schedules are customizable. Classes are multi-grade level at varied depths of learning so that families can select classes to match their students' needs, interest, and skills.

-Classes are small in size (generally 12:1 max) and have a relational focus to foster interactions among students and between teachers and students.

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Classes promote a culture of growth. Classes fuel students' curiosity and creativity, emphasizing individual student growth over competition. 

-Classes foster critical thinking skills, helping students to think about ideas and people from various perspectives and consider multiple ways to solve problems. 

-Classes foster creative thinking skills, helping students construct their own knowledge and skills and develop their own voice. 

-Classes foster collaborative thinking skills, giving students opportunities to learn with peers, communicate ideas, and work together toward collective goals. 

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Class Environment

Classes promote a culture of belonging. Teachers help students develop peer relationships and positive self-concepts.

-The class environment is welcoming. Each student is a significant contributor in the learning experience.

-The class environment is inclusive. Diverse voices are incorporated and valued.

-The class environment is supportive. Classes have built in flexibility for varied student skill levels.