Tara Sheehan

Director of Operations & Board Treasurer

Ms. Tara Sheehan comes to her role as Director of Operations with knowledge and experience from her professional career in the accounting and finance sectors as a Certified Public Accountant. Her professional life traces back to years of working as an auditor at Deloitte and Touche, LLP as well as the private sector. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with emphasis in Accounting from UC Santa Barbara.

Ms. Sheehan feels very fortunate to have found The Arbor at the beginning of her family’s homeschool journey in 2016 and is passionate about being able to offer her professional expertise to give back in ways that are sustaining and growing the very program that helped her own children. Prior to her current roles as Director of Operations and Board Treasurer, Ms. Sheehan served as an Arbor Board member for 5+ years as well as a finance consultant. In her current roles at The Arbor, Ms. Sheehan is dedicated to overseeing operations, program development, and community relations, all with a heart to serve the greater local homeschooling community.

Her own family’s unexpected homeschooling journey has ignited many more passions, including equipping struggling learners, as she dove deep to better understand how children with dyslexia learn to read. She hopes to be able to share this passion and others as she continues her journey as a homeschool parent as well.

Ms. Sheehan lives in Yorba Linda with her husband, two children, and their two French Bulldogs. In her spare time, she loves to read, snuggle with her two dogs, and enjoys camping with her family.