Amy Honeycutt


Ms. Honeycutt hails from the spectacular state of Utah, but has made Southern California home for the past 23 years. She graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Education. Before having children, she taught Biology and Integrated Science at a local high school. When her two oldest children were school age, she began the adventure of homeschooling, and has now been at it for over 10 years. Most recently, she has taught high school science for a homeschool co-op, including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. 

Growing up in the beautiful Mountain West gave Ms. Honeycutt plenty of reasons to love nature and the outdoors. Her passion is to share that love, appreciation, and wonder of the natural world with her students. As a kinesthetic learner herself, she teaches with an emphasis on “hands-on learning” by incorporating real life encounters and experiences with the subject matter. With experience in massage therapy, farming, bee keeping, cheese making, and nature journaling, she approaches “doing science” from an applicable and naturalistic point of view. Most of all, Ms. Honeycutt views herself as a perpetual student, always eager to learn new things. 

Ms. Honeycutt lives with her husband (also an educator), three energetic children, an even more energetic German Shorthair Pointer puppy, several biology experiments on her kitchen counter, and billions of microbes in her refrigerator and garden. When she’s not teaching (or tending to any of the above), she enjoys native plant gardening, reading in a quiet place, hiking to a beautiful “view,” and finding the best natural ways to healthy living.