Esther Cha

Program Director

Ms. Esther comes to The Arbor with 10+ years of experience in the education field as an elementary classroom teacher in her earlier years and then roles in administration in her recent experience. This experience has led Ms. Esther to believe that all students thrive when their love for learning is ignited, and that teachers thrive when they teach to their strengths and passions. It has become her passion to then build organizational culture, systems, and programs to make this love for learning, and teaching from a place of passion, a reality. Ms. Esther is happy to be able to implement her skills of communication, organization, and leadership as she serves as Program Director here at The Arbor.

Ms. Esther is a life-long learner having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from UC San Diego and her Master’s degree in Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

Ms. Esther appreciates the everyday joys– all that revolves around good food and good company, an invigorating Pilates workout or head-clearing outdoors walk, and a really good cup of coffee.